Zombie Book





I’ve just published my first Zombie book, Zombiana Europa, Part One, the first in a series of either three or four others. The story is set in Poland on and after the 21st December – Doomsday!

The novelette – it’s just under 13,000 words – itself has a lot of black comedy in it, though that’s not to say it lacks any of the gore that Zombie films and books are so famous for.

I wanted to capture the B-movie, cheap look of the George A. Romero films, and that is why I feel the cover is suitable – it looks very DIYish… Because it is. I did it myself in about five minutes. I’m quite proud of the fact it looks very bad!

If you’re interested in purchasing it, you can buy it for 99c here at Amazon.com, for 77p here at Amazon.co.uk, here for 99c at Barnes & Noble, and very soon for FREE on both Kobo and the Apple iBookstore.

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Transatlantic, The Ballad of Thomas Fox




My new novel, Transatlantic, The Ballad of Thomas Fox, is available now to buy for $3.99 here at Amazon.com and here at Amazon.co.uk for £2.47 and here for $3.99 at the Barnes & Noble Nook store. Very soon, it will also be available at the Apple store as well as in Kobo.

Transatlantic, The Ballad of Thomas Fox, tells the story of Mayo man Thomas Fox and his adventures – or should that be misadventures – working in NYC in 1984 as an illegal Irish migrant worker.

The inspiration for the story was my own experience working in NYC in the mid-1990s and the time I spent mixing with the Irish community there – the only difference is my stay in the Big Apple was minus the Irish gangsters and pretty girls!

If you do decide to purchase the book, please don’t forget to leave an honest review on whichever platform you bought the book.