Red Corner, An Alternate History of Rus, A Novel – Release!



The Book cover by artist Helen Wakeman

As I wrote about in my last post (below), my new book Red Corner, An Alternate History of Rus, A Novel is now available in stores for the release price of only 99c! At my own discretion I will then raise the price to $4.99c, which is the normal price.

If you want to find out a bit more about it, you can read my last post – or here’s the blurb:

Against the all-conquering Grand Duchy of Muscovy, can the city-state of Novgorod save itself from total annihilation and bring the land of the Rus towards the West? 

Medieval Russia, 1470: With Muscovy gaining hegemony in the Russian lands, Novgorod is fearful. Having miraculously defeated it in battle, Marta Boretskaya, mayor of Novgorod, needs allies from abroad to help her against Grand Prince Ivan III’s wrath and vengeance. She seeks help from Poland-Lithuania. A Lithuanian aristocrat, Prince Olelkovich, offers his hand in marriage to her – with a union between the two countries, Novgorod could hold the tide of the Muscovite barbarians from the east. At the same time, Ivan III is vying for the hand of , Zoe (Sophia) Paleologos, nephew of the last Byzantine emperor, Constantine, in order to strengthen his claim that his land is the new Rome and fight against the Ottoman onslaught in Europe. Red Corner, An Alternate History of Rus, A Novel is a story of murder, intrigue, love, loyalty, and greed set in a time when Russia had yet to be born and was only just beginning to find its national identity.



Martha the Mayoress at the Destruction of the Novgorod Veche by Klavdy Vasiliyevich Lebedev, featuring Marfa Boretskaya, one of the main characters of ‘Red Corner, An Alternate History of Rus, A Novel’, my new book.

In the next few weeks I’ll be writing posts with little description snippets of the real characters who are in the book without giving spoilers. These will be Ivan III, the Grand Duke of Muscovy, Zachariah the Jew, Zoe (Sophia) Paleologos; I’ll also be describing two completely fictional characters, too: Oleg Menshikov and a minor character, Ivan Kokoshkin.

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